Miller_Homestead_3_bear_logo Millers Homestead
Natural Honey
Spokane Washington
14606 S. Stangland Rd
Cheney, Washington
Phone Number - 1-509-299-9085
E-Mail - Jim
or - Jenine
Revised - 07/22/2022
About Jim and Jenine Miller

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Jenine and Jim have formed an outstanding operation.

Jenine is a certified journeyman beekeeper and works with Jim in the Honey House and with the bees.
She also keeps the books.

Jim is a certified master beekeeper. He has travelled to The Republic of Georgia and Egypt.
There he worked with the local beekeepers in developing beekeeping in the region.

Millers Homestead LLC is a one stop beekeeping supply house. We have a complete inventory of wooden ware,
foundations, protective clothing, and package honey bees in the spring.
They have a complete in-house lab facility to assist in determining the health of your honey bees.
Jim teaches beekeeping class with the local association,
West Plains Beekeepers Association of Medical Lake.

For the past several years Millers has been treating their hives with essential oils.
The essential oils have been fed to the honey bees through sugar water and food patties.
Over the last few years they have developed flower beds that have attracted the honey bees.
These beds have assisted in the reduction of varroa mites in the hive.
The daily mite drop test was zero for 99% of the hives. One hive had a daily average of 3.

Call and/or stop by and see what we have in store.
We can be found by taking exit 264 from I-90. Turn North towards Medical Lake.
Turn West on Malloy Prairie Rd. Turn North on Tucker Prairie Rd. Turn right onto Stangland Rd.
We are the first driveway on the left. Call 1-509-299-9085 before coming to make sure someone is there.